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Selecting the country’s finest wools

From the arid lands of remote New South Wales to the lush green hills of Tasmania, Australian wool embodies the qualities of the local landscape.

Our wool trading team understands the unique characteristics of regional wools and use this knowledge to offer in-depth and nuanced recommendations for clients.

We work with clients to understand their needs, discussing parameters, criteria and price points. We are creative in our approach to sourcing options that are market-competitive and fit-for-purpose.

We have exported more than 200 million kilograms of wool globally, working with manufacturers who trust our expertise and know that supply will be maintained at the expected quality and cost.

“We’re passionate about supplying quality wool from all areas across Australia and New Zealand, at competitive prices.”


AME Export

Superior style

The unique local climate — a mix of cool temperatures, crisp, clean air, lush pastures of native grass and wide rugged expanses — enables Tasmanian growers to produce some of the best wool in the world. Tasmanian wool growers are also skilled in cultivating high-quality wool of rare whiteness, strength, and cloud-soft touch.

With access to a network of high-quality Tasmanian wool growers and our partnership with local broker Wool Solutions, AME has become known for their expertise in sourcing high volumes of authentic Tasmanian wool.

Trace AME

AME Export

Pride in provenance

Across the globe, people care more about what they buy and where it comes from.

We are passionate about the provenance of our wool, the story behind each bale and traceability of our product. That’s why we’ve developed an industry-leading program to provide transparency of supply and maintain the integrity of the provenance story – we call it Trace AME.

Trace AME is working with brands to help meet their goals of responsibly sourced wools, creating bespoke solutions for their supply.

Trace back to move forward.


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