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AME Direct

Selling direct to export

AME Direct provides wool growers with a gateway to international clients. Enjoy access to a worldwide network of manufacturers who use both greasy and processed wools. Customers can sell wool direct to export at our Ararat, Ballarat, Kilmore, Laverton North or Bendigo stores. We also offer on-farm consultation by appointment.

“We want to see a sustainable wool industry in Australia and to achieve that, the grower needs to be receiving the best price for their wool.”

Chris Kelly, Director


AME Direct

Open and transparent relationships

There are multiple advantages to going direct — higher prices, lower selling costs and more feedback between customers and growers. This approach also gives wool growers direct access to informed advice on the strength of international markets and the best price for their products.


AME Direct

Creating tailored solutions

AME has markets worldwide, supplying all wool types from fine merino wool, through to broad micro crossbred types. AME also produce wool tops along with scoured and carbonised products generating a large demand across a wide range of types.

“At AME, we produce specialty wool tops for our international clients so, in that way, the grower is selling directly to a wool consumer rather than a middleman.”

James Thomson

Brokering Services

We partner with Wool Solutions, who offer all brokering services for producers using the auction system. We work together to create a tailored solution that achieves the best results for our growers.


+ Direct to Export quotes on farm

Let us visit your shed and discuss your selling options to best market your wool with reduced selling costs.

+ Full auction service available

Selling your wool through the Australian Wool Exchange is made easy with our full auction service. This includes testing, storage and sample display. Our personalised approach teamed with our significant experience and market knowledge can deliver your best outcome.

+ Cash Payments for shed clean ups and in store

Our local branches offer prompt cash payments for your wool. We can also provide a shed clean up service, pricing your clip including oddments, bulkclass bales, butts and bags.

+ Grid Pricing on AWTA test

Providing growers with a pricing grid enables us to guarantee our prices upon full AWTA test results.


Offering our brand partners supply of fully traceable wool. Register your interest to participate in AME’s ethically produced or RWS accredited supply as a part of our TRACE program.


The AME Direct stores are operated by local staff with a passion for both the wool industry and their local communities.  Our highly experienced team can offer you a variety of selling options as well as competitive pricing to help wool growers maximise their returns.