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AME Export

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Australian Merino Exports (AME) is one of the country’s largest exporters of wool, with a multi-million-dollar annual turnover borne of care and integrity.

We balance global reach with a personal touch, where the AME team connects with people at every step of the process.

In 2008, founders James Thomson and Chris Kelly took their experience in large corporate wool trading houses and spun this knowledge into a company known for its competitive edge and proven results. Today, AME is a business defined by strength, reliable processes and successful relationships.

“A uniquely flexible, hands-on company that knows how to meet the specific requirements of their global wool textile clients.”

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AME Export

We are connected, innovative industry leaders

Our highly skilled team members are closely involved with every aspect of AME’s operation. We have a hands-on approach to greasy wool selection, sale room purchase, early stage processing and delivery logistics.

“Our service, knowledge and resources enable us to source the most suitable wool at competitive prices.”

Australian Wool

AME is one of Australia’s largest wool exporters, delivering over 100,000 bales annually, across the globe to both local and international markets including China, Italy, Japan, India, the USA, South Korea, Turkey and continental Europe.

Our detailed knowledge allows us to be precise when recommending and supplying wool to clients across various industries.

We pride ourselves on our flexible approach, which enables us to meet individual supply requirements for large and small clients.

AME operates in all Australian selling centres, sourcing the highest quality wool at competitive prices.

“We carefully select quality wools, ensuring reliable and consistent deliveries.”

James Thomson, Director